Kleen Keeper, Inc.

We keep your parking area clean!




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Kleen Keeper, Inc. provides services that can help your total image.

Kleen Keeper, Inc. has sweeping programs for all types of commercial properties which include:

                1. Shopping Centers
                2. Retail Malls
                3. Parking Garages
                4. Commercial Buildings
                5. Construction Sites
                6. Warehouse / Manufacturing Properties

Kleen Keeper, Inc. large enough to serve you, small enough to know you!

Optional Exterior Services

Optional Interior Services

Spring Clean Up

Maintenance Services Minor Plumbing
Landscaping Minor Electrical
Pothole Patching
Concrete Patching
Install / Repair Sign Posts
Replace Locks on Vacancies
Fall Clean Up

No cleaning job is too big or small for Kleen Keeper.

We have the power to pick up most heavy debris, even rocks and sand. At the same time we have the precision to handle lighter objects such as paper, broken glass, aluminmum cans and bottles.

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